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I thought the photos were brilliant, and will recommend to friends and family. Fully satisfied
M. Price, Worcestershire
The photographer was very nice and took lovely photos.
B. Walster, Stoke-on-Trent
The lady that did the pictures was really friendly and nice. All pictures were of a high quality and captured well
S. Offwood, Northampton
Can't remember the lovely lady's name who took the portraits, but she was amazing!! She was at Russell Hall Hospital, she was so professional but also so kind and caring. I cried twice when she showed firstly myself (then my partner and myself) the pictures of our son and she was fantastic!! Really would recommend this service as its so special to keep forever. Thankyou very much Bounty for creating such an amazing service that make us amazing memories to last forever.
S. Shaylor, West Midlands
The photographers were very friendly and the fact that they were at the hospital was very convenient.
F. Curry, Birmingham
I have had Bounty portraits/photos done for all 7 of my children and have been happy every time.
K. Batten, Hampshire
The photographer was a lovely lady and took very professional photos! She held our newborn baby with great care and it was a lovely thing for us to have done before taking our baby home!
C. Hallewell, Surrey
Loved having the pictures and wish I had done them with my first child
C. Ashmore, Cheshire
The process of having my daughters photos taken was easy the photographer at the hospital was very professional and friendly. There was no hard sell and time was given so my husband and I could make our minds up as to what we wanted to purchase.
J. Harry, Hampshire
Photographer was very friendly and helpful. Photos were beautiful, I was very emotional when I saw them and very happy with the service.
K. McAdams, Durham
I knew about the photos before but was planning on refusing them because I'd heard bad things about the Bounty reps - and on my first visit from them I actually did refuse. My experience with the ladies who did them however could not have been further from the negative reviews I'd heard prior to meeting them.
C. Ryan-Rammell, Wiltshire
I was happy with the service and loved my pictures
S. Ruff, Worcestershire
I really like the idea that people can have their newborn baby pictures in hospital.. Especially as some people can't afford newborn photo shoot so Bounty is great platform.. I really liked having my baby's pics with Bounty...... Thanks
S. Daniel, Dunstable
Jennifer (photographer) was patient and revisited us at our request at a later date, as more suited (twice!). It's a unique offer to capture early pictures, especially for those like me who had to spend the first few days in hospital. We've got some lovely pictures to remember. More about right time and place. Thought photographer did a great job in short time and limited props etc
K. North, Essex
Photographer was professional and confident in handling my baby. She was very patient and got some amazing photos of my babies first moments in life!
C. Appleby, South Yorkshire
The photographer was patient and pleasant with us. Very warm and friendly
A. Raheem, Walsall
We really like our newborn baby photos. They captured a very unique moment
H. Godfrey, Peterborough
Was a truly lovely experience. Memories to treasure.
R. Everett, Norfolk
I loved the fact that my baby's first days on earth where beautifully captured. Thank You
O. Obi, Manchester
The Bounty ladies were great she was training someone new and I was happy to wait while she was explaining things to the new lady. They were both very polite and helpful . The pictures taken and the ones I ordered are of great quality and I would recommend it to anyone having a baby in hospital as it captures there first 24 hours
C. Radford, West Sussex
Thought the quality of the photos are excellent and the lady that visited me in hospital was absolutely brilliant with me, my baby and doing the photos
K. Linder, Suffolk
I am so pleased with my photographs and the lady was so friendly and helpful. We were told we could choose when to pay which made it so much easier for us to choose the bigger bundle with everything we wanted in it! We were talking about having photos taken after our baby was born but have no need to now as our photos were amazing from Bounty!
K. Jarvis, West Midlands
I would please like to leave some feedback for Callie (Bounty lady) at Southmead Hospital. Callie was so lovely and professional, knew exactly what photos we wanted for our newborn Haleigh. We are over the moon with the photos and will be ordering more off the website as possible. We found it impossible to only a selected few on the pack we choose. We are so very grateful to Callie for capturing these beautiful moments we will never forget. Forever grateful.
E. White, Bristol
The lady who photographed my child also photographed my other 3 children. She was a lovely lady and I would highly recommend her to others.
A. Johnson, Clwyd
Excellent service, photographer was extremely experienced and unbelievably good at posing baby while keeping her happy and sleeping.... we couldn't believe the results she achieved from a hospital crib! We couldn't speak highly enough of the photographer or her service and we would recommend her in a heartbeat. Felt no pressure to buy... but her results and pics spoke for themselves and we absolutely couldn't resist .... which is the highest commendation we could give! We certainly feel we've had value for money. Thank you for a stunning job and pics/results we will treasure forever x
L. Corrall, Lancashire
We bought the largest bundle plus extra and I'm extremely satisfied with all the products received. I love showing them off to family, friends and other visitors and the greeting cards have been appreciated by many!
L. Lewis, Hampshire
Myself and my partner are so happy with the products we received from Bounty and would definitely recommend to friends and family
N. Baker, Liverpool
Photographer was very gentle with our daughter who had a cannula and splint on her arm at the time and she took great care positioning her for the photos. As our daughter was much smaller than we anticipated all her clothes were too big and the photographer helped to disguise this using cute soft blankets. Thank you x
D. Carr, Watford
The photographer (Paula) was absolutely lovely. The pictures she took were nicely done, the service was good and I would recommend if asked.
J. Cragg, Warrington
The lady who took the photos in hospital was a very lovely lady and definitely should be a valued member of your staff. I'm extremely happy with my purchase.
L. Allsopp, Derbyshire
This was such a special moment being my first baby and the Bounty photographer made it all the more special. This service was amazing and I'm so thankful for it. The photos are beautiful and will definitely be recommending to everyone. A Huge thank you!!
E. Duffy, County Durham
The Bounty staff @the RVH in Belfast were lovely. They were very understanding and didn't push the service of getting pics taken. I had a lovely experience with both workers
L. McDonald, Belfast
We are extremely happy with the pictures we received. The photographer was very friendly and professional.
L. McGrath, Bolton
I absolutely love the service I received. The photos which were taken are incredible! The photographer was really friendly. Would recommend
F. Price, Nottinghamshire
The lady was lovely and used my personalised blanket really well!! I ordered the photo book and I'm in love with it
L. Selmes, Middlesex
Brilliant services very friendly and excellent pictures. A true keep sake memory
K. Conners, Kent
I've received my photos and they are well worth the money I paid. highly recommend
K. Fleming, Bromley
Lovely pictures, very happy. Loved the bracelet photo frame. Happy with the service, thanks x
T. Jones, Clwyd
This is the third time I have used Bounty Portrait, all 3 times have been fantastic, the photographers have been truly wonderful and the whole experience has added so much to the birth and welcoming of our new addition.
N. Pemberton, Stoke-on-Trent
I was completely satisfied with the service provided and was so pleased to see that this service was still on offer as I had them done for my first child and absolutely loved them (as I do this time). Thank you!
A. Whittaker, Mid Glamorgan
The lady we had was really friendly and so lovely with us - never felt rushed or obligated to buy. Was perfect xx
Y. Fox, South Yorkshire
Having had my baby on a high intensity unit I did not have a Bounty representative come to me after birth (unlike with my first) so I contacted them myself and was so grateful to receive Debby's (from the Liverpool Women's Hospital) number who was incredible, she waited for us to arrive although her shift had ended and gave us the best experience I could have wished for and the most beautiful photographs, I could not be happier with the service provided and will without a doubt be recommending Bounty in the future to friends and family! Thank you for making my rainbow baby, 1st born daughter and myself feel so special! Debby is a credit to your team! Such a friendly and likeable lady we were extremely lucky to have to pleasure in working with her, thank you so much!
A. Dunn, Liverpool
My baby was in the neonatal unit so I requested for the Bounty photographer to come down from the post natal ward to take her pictures. When she first came down my daughter needed further treatment so we had to postpone. The lady was so lovely about it and left contact details for me to contact them when we were ready. They came promptly once my Sybil was nearly ready for discharge over a week later and made sure we got the pictures we wanted. The pictures were lovely and tastefully done with her NG Tube still in. Thanks Bounty.
E. Jay-Newman, Ipswich
Couldn't have got better photos for the amount of money spent. The photographer was patient and listened to what we wanted done, and the photos came out absolutely amazing. We have already recommended to other pregnant friends.
L. Reid, East Lothian
I was very happy with the Bounty photography and loved that my baby was captured on his first day! Will treasure as a special memory.
R. Turmaine, Essex
Was so happy with my baby's first photobook. All the photos were really good quality just wish I had had this done with my other 3. The Bounty lady was very kind and helpful as well. Thank you Bounty
E. Almas, Essex
We were extremely pleased with Lois who was our Bounty photographer - she was amazing with our newborn baby and helped us to get involved with capturing her first photos.
S. Lantzos, Cardiff
The lady who took the photos was very friendly and took amazing photos of my son, a good variety to choose from. Highly recommend yourselves to anybody
J. Mainwaring, Stoke-on-Trent
My Bounty photographer appeared just hours after I had given birth. She was very friendly and was very considerate towards myself whilst taking photos. I felt no obligation/ pressure to buy any photos. Lovely lady and love my photos. Would highly recommend this service to all of my friends and family!
E. Browning, Croydon
The lady that took the images was absolutely fantastic. She understood exactly what kind of pictures I wanted they match my previous pictures perfectly. Fantastic lady who had empathy towards the ladies she was working with. A total credit to the Bounty name. Thank you a very happy mummy x
J. Riley-Payne, West Midlands
We are extremely happy with the canvas we had done of our twins by Bounty, the quality was outstanding and is lovely to have their first cuddles captured. Highly recommend having pictures taken by Bounty.
H. Berry, Norfolk
The lady was lovely and very friendly was nice to chat to her and she was very good at doing the photos and handling June. The photos are lovely and I would recommend new mums to have the app so they know about it in advance too
E. Fitch, Norfolk
I saw a lady called Claire today - and a lady yesterday who did introduce herself, but who’s name I’ve forgotten. Both women were really lovely, polite, friendly and helpful - the exact opposite of what I’d been told to expect and my experience with both Bounty reps has certainly changed my opinion on Bounty reps on the whole due to my interactions with them.
C. Ryan-Rammell, Wiltshire
Beautiful pictures, very pleasant staff.
K. Long, York
The photographer was lovely and there was no pressure to purchase on the day.
J. Barr, County Antrim
I love the photos I received, and our photographer was fantastic. She had a fantastic manner, both with me as a new mum and my newborn daughter (whom she was incredibly gentle with), and was able to put her at ease skilfully. A huge thank you from our family for the lovely products and fantastic service from our photographer Jacquie.
J. Raine, County Durham
Didn't expect Bounty Photographer at the hospital but I was extremely happy about it. My baby has amazing photos and I'm so glad that I decided to take those photos. It's memories for years!
L. Kozlowska, Hull
The lady who carried out the service was extremely professional and didn't make you feel obliged to purchase any products. Bounty is a unique service and captures the most precious first moments of your baby's life and it is magic!
V. Woodward, Tyne and Wear
I had already prebooked a professional photo shoot and cancelled it as the Bounty one turned out great.
M. Hinton, County Antrim
Excellent photographer - love my photobook and plaque. Thank you
E. McHale, Durham
I wasn't expecting the Bounty photographer to come the morning after I gave birth. It was a really nice surprise and the photographer was lovely. There was no hard selling and she took her time to get some lovely photos that we will cherish. We are planning on buying more off the website once we get paid. The ones we ordered came quickly and are good quality. Thank you for this service - it was a lovely end to an amazing stay at RBH.
K. Preston, Bolton
I am very happy to have had a great experience with Bounty Portrait.
T. Kaur, West Bromwich
The Bounty photographer you have at Rotherham was wonderful. She genuinely took time out to check mum was ok and relaxed rather than just pushing the photo shoot. She was never pushy and gave me time to think over my purchase before signing me up
V. Poulter, Doncaster
Excellent service and love the photos taken of my son
M. Walsh, Preston
Photographer was excellent! The hospital experience was long and stressful but the photoshoot cheered us up, and was a lovely touch. The photographer was very friendly and professional.
N. Grelet, Enfield
The Bounty photographer was lovely and so brilliant with my baby, she was careful and took brilliant pictures which I will treasure for a lifetime. She didn't pressure me and was very patient while I made my decision about what pictures I wanted. Precious pictures for a great price. Thank you
M. Jones, Warwickshire
I think the lady was absolutely amazing - made my experience totally worth every second! I bought the biggest canvas of my beautiful baby girl and it's the best canvas I have ever had!! Thank you all so much
K. Lench, Sittingbourne
Great service, incredibly happy with the pictures and products I received.
S. Bedford, Rotherham
Was friendly and professional, providing a unique keepsake of our baby's first day. Thank you
K. Westwood, Alton
I would 100% recommend everyone gets the Bounty photos done, not only are they the most beautiful photos of my precious boy to look back on, the whole atmosphere of the photoshoot was amazing, I had a very stubborn little boy who liked to wriggle and cover his face a lot, but the women taking the photos was so patient and lovely, and still managed to get such amazing photos that are such good quality print outs too. We couldn't be more pleased with the service we received!
J. Reilly, Selby
Lovely photos captured of our baby at a day old, something to treasure and it really brightened our stay in hospital
R. Dickinson, Hartlepool
Photographer was very friendly and polite, and explained everything which was easy to understand. My photos are beautiful. She did an amazing job
R. Pollard, Chesterfield
Was extremely happy with my Bounty portrait pictures the photographer was absolutely lovely, very bubbly
S. Heard, Redhill
The lady who took my photos was very professional. I was extremely happy with the quality of the photos and I am happy to recommend these brilliant services to anyone.
S. Dean, Boston
Everything with Bounty Portrait was excellent.
H. Aslam, Hounslow
The photographer was great! Friendly and professional. Creative with the photos.
A. Hunt, Brentwood
Lovely service friendly lady and great photos of our beautiful baby
J. Watkins, Didcot
The lady who did my son's photos was lovely and very friendly. She took her time and didn't feel rushed, and his first pictures were fab
K. Aldred, Bolton
Bounty Portrait is very good! Nice and friendly service, quality products!
Y. Pyatkivska, Addlestone
An excellent way to capture those first few moments with your precious little bundle. Very happy
L. Mason, Hornchurch
I am so pleased with the photos I received. It's such a lovely idea to take them when they're no more than a day old. Amazing memories. Thank you
K. Kemp, Sutton Coldfield
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